Are London Girlfriends Better Than American Girlfriends.

There is some numerous online debacle about the best escorts in the world, out of all the places two places contend for the number one spot London companions Vs American companions. 

Without further ado, we will bust these fiascos. To set a ground rule we will have escorts for first timers 

There are number of reasons why a good gentleman would be in London. Business tour, academic pursuit – whatever that reason or reasons would be, all gentlemen certainly agree that a bit of pleasure detour somewhere along the way could be just what everyone needs. In London, among these detours would be availing the services of an escort service. 

Like everything else, there is always a first time for one to have an escort service. This article seeks to provide first timers a crash orientation on what escort service to choose. 

Experience a Different Pleasure with London Escorts 

When you happen to be in London and you are looking forward to making the most of your stay through fun, adult pleasures to warm your evenings and early mornings, you might consider searching for the best women companions in the area. But don’t just look anywhere. There are various legitimate and reputable escort service agencies in London, and access to them is even made convenient through the Internet. Most of their websites have galleries featuring photographs of their high-quality London escorts for prospective clients to look over. All you have to do is take a peek and choose. Then you won’t have to be alone in this vibrant city. 

Most of us know that travelling is one of the most pleasurable things that someone could have done in his life. Whether it be for holiday or a business trip for me, travelling gives me pleasure because it allows me to see new places, interact with people from different cultural background. But then again at times I feel burned out because of too much travelling. Catching a plane is stressful, waiting at the airport for my departure is boring, and time spent on flights is exhausting. Finally, visiting the places again and again becomes monotonous and less interesting. 

During a business dinner while I was in London I happened to have a chat with the other business associates. Two of them were curious to know how soon they can leave. And when it was time for us to finally conclude the dinner they asked me if I wanted to join them. I was bored but not tired so I said yes to them without inquiring our agenda. One of the two guys got his mobile and rung a number and I over heard him say “make it three”. So when we were in cab I inquired about our evening plan and they said we are meeting up with beautiful ladies or commonly known as London escorts. 

The girls arrived totally blew my mind because I have never met anyone who specialized in the field of entertainment. We met the ladies somewhere in Heathrow. They actually work under the Heathrow Escorts site where my friend phoned earlier. Amazing, the Heathrow Escorts were able to accommodate us in so short notice and much more the dates given to us were very professional, charming and of course were beautiful ladies.  

My date was an inch shorter than my height, slim, with long brown hair and with soft brown complexion. She was smart and intellectually stimulating. She talked about the band that was playing on stage and she asked about my work and my purpose of visit in London. It was a pleasant and decent discussion. All of us had a couple of rounds of beer and a bit tipsy as the night progressed. Nevertheless, the casual interaction remained the same. 

Heathrow escorts are well known in the area for their sensual type of escorting that is quite unrivaled by other escorts in London. They are often called by tourists and other people new to the country to guide them around the place and even for some intimate moments later on. And these girls absolutely love providing such services. 

If you are visiting Heathrow for business functions, these escorts make perfect company for you. What’s more, when the business function is over, you can enjoy the same escort’s company more privately. But even if you are not traveling here for business, you can still enjoy what Heathrow escorts have to offer. Without a doubt, these girls are some of the finest you can ever spend time and money on. 

At this point I need to know how much this is going to cost me and since she seems to be approachable, so I asked my date. To my surprise it wouldn’t cost as much as I thought. I was relieved. In the morning, based on my colleagues’ experiences, we can find cheap London escorts here in Heathrow more than any other areas of London. And if you ask me all I can say is it was value for my money. 

Also, most escort service providers online have good gallery of sizzling hot escorts to browse through. Payment details are also listed in the website. Most, if not all escort agencies in London today have websites to encourage more clients and make the choosing and deciding part a lot easier. Even mediocre agencies have their own websites too. 

Classy Professional American Escort Service 

Not too long ago, looking to be ushered into a night of good time and pleasure by beautiful escorts in my hometown is a matter of having elite connections. The advent of the internet has changed that and levelled the playing field quite dramatically in almost an instant since it became popularly available especially here in the US. Not only have it made contracting escort service easier, it has also made transactions safer and more transparent.  

Escort service websites are now sprawling all over the internet. Among the most elaborate of them are those from American escort services. They tend to have an extensive gallery display with several alluring women for any client to choose from. More than that, they are also packed with other rich features including service package details, paying options, locational information and more. 

Among of the wonderful things about these escort websites is their search accuracy when comes to zeroing in on a client’s preference. It categorizes agents into several labels and sub-labels, with each level narrowing the choices and identifying the preferences of a potential client. All you need to do then is to click on one those that are nearest your ideal escort before you close a service deal. 

Scam schemes however is a sad reality about online transactions here in the US and this is one of the downside here compared to London. It is then important that you carefully choose the entity you are going to deal with. It is here that the legitimacy of the entity you are dealing with becomes important. Legit escort agencies not only have good reputation among clients, they also can be verified accordingly through legal channels.  

Choosing to deal with legal escort agencies protects you from scams however, it is really hard to find one. But if you can find one It only ensures that the women you’ll be coming in contact with are healthy and well-trained. These are things that American escorts are quite known of.  

It is quite easy to find an escort girl in America, but to find a quality one that will make every second of your night memorable can quite tough. American escorts may be in almost in every corner of the city, but you don’t want to waste your time searching the whole city for your perfect taste, right? Escort service agency websites can be your friend considering that you find a legit one, and many of them offer American escorts for a high quality and service you’ll never soon forget. 

More than being able to deliver carnal pleasures, which unfortunately is still how the business is being associated with, London escorts are sophisticated, well-trained individuals. They can be anybody’s company into social functions, business gatherings and other social settings you may need them with. They are adept in dealing with various social situations and can handle virtually any type of personality thrown in front of them. 

Some American escort services, especially the premium ones, have certain time limits and other forms of restrictions which is kind of a hassle if you asked me. Those premium ones are available for per hour basis. Clients can of course choose how long they can be with the escort. Often times, when the client and the escort enjoyed each other’s company, they usually end up spending the night together, which obviously ends up for a higher cost YES! A higher cost! 

Verdict: Based on my experience London Escorts is way better than American Escorts though they offer quite similar services but London Escorts already perfected their online dealings than that of their American counterpart. Plus, they are a little cheaper compared to American escort agencies. One of the issues I also found with the American escorts is that the variety of girls are not diverse compared to London Escorts and we all know that European ladies are more beautiful than American ladies, for me at least. So, when it comes to price, quality and availability London escorts agencies topples all of the escorts agencies in the world.